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Jaroslawl (Russisch: Ярославль) ist eine Stadt in Russland, 250 km nord-östlich von Moskau. Der historische Teil der Stadt liegt am Zusammenfluss der beiden Flüsse Wolga und Kotorosl. An den Ufern der Wolga gibt es zahlreiche orthodoxe Kirchen und Klöster. Die Stadt wurde im Jahr 1010 gegründet. Im September 2010 feierte die Stadt ihr 1000-jähriges Bestehen.

Yaroslavl (Russian: Ярославль) is a city in Russia, 250 kms north-east of Moscow. The historical part of the city is located at the confluence of the Volga and the Kotorosl Rivers. Many Orthodox shrines and monasteries lie along the banks of the Volga. The city had been founded in 1010. In September 2010 Yaroslavl celebrated its 1000-year-old existence.

  • Poolbar (Private)
    13 years 10 months ago
    Nikolaus church „The water carrier“
    Right! You saw more places in Russia than I did. I always think I will have time for it later and try to go somewhere far from home. But I am envious :)
    And you did really great job on this cycling tour. Very well done and congratulations!
    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      13 years 10 months ago
      Long time no see! I'm glad :-))
      So far as you I've never traveled.
      Until now I did not leave Europe with my bike. But I plan...
  • Okinew (Private)
    14 years ago
    Pavilion on the Volga
    In many towns on the high bank of the Volga are such a romantic arbour.
  • Okinew (Private)
    14 years 1 month ago
    Church of Elijah the Prophet
    Remarkable paints. Sunsets and sunrises are beautiful in any country!
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