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Sankt Petersburg

Saint Petersburg (short: SPb, Russian: Санкт-Петербург) is a city of Russia located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. It is informally known as Piter (Пи́тер). SPb is the northernmost city of the world with over one million people. SPb is often described as the most Westeuropean city of Russia.
From 1924 to 1991, in honor of Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union, the city was called Leningrad (Ленинград).

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Manfred Tinebor


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  • Carolynd411 (Private)
    14 years 2 months ago
    Is that you standing just below the monument? You're the only one in the group who seems to have gotten a little suntan. The other individuals look like they've been touched by the "kiss of death". I notice the gentleman in the very front seems to be walking with an open bottle of beer. I didn't realize such an action was approved. It's a dangerous one as twice while I was in Dusseldorf I almost broke my neck from someone carelessly throwing down a beer bottle. Once on a bus as I was about to exit the rear door, a beer bottle rolled under my foot and I slipped on it just as I began stepping off the bus. The second time was when I was walking down the street and one rolled under my foot before I saw it, and tripped me. Luckily, in both cases, my adorable husband caught me and kept me from falling. In the States, as well as Canada, one is not to leave the premises of the business which is selling alcoholic beverages. Not only is it another unsightly form of debris, but it's dangerous.
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