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Sometimes Manfred would like to rest on a couch and lay his legs high.
Therefore, Santa Claus had brought a parcel from the Dutch carbon ligfietsen producer M5. In the parcel was a frame rack, with which Manfred built a couch :-)
In the meantime Manfred pedaled some thousands kilometres recumbently. His experiences in riding the couch you find here: https://manfred-tinebor.fotki.com/journals/couch-surfing/
To get a little impression of riding the couch speedy, please watch the video recorded on a country road in Lower Saxony between Polle and Bad Pyrmont: https://manfred-tinebor.fotki.com/journals/manfreds-videos/entry/wqtfrbtwwtqqq/

  • Marbess Premium user Russia (Private)
    11 years 7 months ago
    3D-print of a dream
    Is it wooden- made? I Like it!
    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      11 years 7 months ago
      No, it is not wooden-made. My friends made it by polymer! 
      • Marbess Premium user Russia (Private)
        11 years 7 months ago
        O-O-O, That s too interesting! but I prefer ceramic-variant! I ll read all that at  the evening...Fantastic!!! 
        • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
          11 years 7 months ago
          Thanks for the nice comment, dear Marbess!  :-)) 

          My friends are technical design engineers. My friends are no ceramic artists! :-) 
          For me, it is gigantic, that my technically laboring friends had this unusual idea. ...and that they found a way, to perform my painted dream-figure as a physical object of art! 
          View inside Manfred's head.
          I'm absolutely thrilled by the unexpected gift!  :-)
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    11 years 9 months ago
    Manfred, hello!
    Why Shimano? After Som Deluxe better?
    I want myself for the next year too, buy a hub. Now choose the best

    How is your health?
    Olga sends regards to you!
    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      11 years 9 months ago
      Hi Olga, thanks for your interest! I hope you are well pleased! 

      For many years I use hub generators of SHIMANO and of SON. 
      The hubs of both manufacturers are mechanically robust and well sealed, and both have permanently lightly running bearings.
      A little bit differently is the electric efficiency. The SON generators are a little more efficient than the generators of SHIMANO.  
      But the purchase price is very different. A SON generator costs more than the double than a good generator of SHIMANO!
      Therefore, for my wheels which I use only for short distances, I use SHIMANO generators. My MTB and my road bike for the everyday way to my office were equipped with SHIMANO. I am fully contented with it!   

      My bicycles for long distances have an electrical on-board power supply system. The power supply unit supplies energy to the GPS-navigator, to my mobile phone and to my photo camera via USB-interfaces. The power supply unit is fed by the hub generator.  
      Thus the hub generator must deliver not only the energy for the lights but also the loading energy for the other electronic devices.  
      The SON-generators deliver sufficient energy amount.  
      With low speeds, upwards or with headwind, the energy amount of the SHIMANO generators suffices only for the light. The energy does not suffice for the load of the other devices. 
      Therefore, for the wheels, which I use on long distances, I use only the SON generators. In Russia of course I used SON! 

      Olga, I hope that my statements help you in your choice. If you have additional questions, please ask! 

      My health is well sufficient for riding a bike. The bone fractures have well healed. Still I have light problems with the balance sense. I must avoid quick head movements, so that I not ride like a drunken man :o)
      • (Anonymously) (Private)
        11 years 9 months ago
        Manfred is Alex .... :)
        Thanks for answers.
        I want to buy Busch & Müller E-WERK cache battery 
        Do I need a Busch & Müller E-WERK cache battery 
        Can I charge my phone, navigator - not to buy Busch & Müller E-WERK cache battery 

        • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
          11 years 9 months ago
          Hi Alex, you made ​​a good choice. Congratulations! For long distances, Schmidt SON is the best. 


          Without cache battery the charging of the electronic devices is interrupted by bike stops.  For most electronic devices the interruption is no problem! So for most devices you need only the B&M E-WERK, not the cache battery for the E-WERK!


          I use a GARMIN navigator. The GARMIN device shows a negative feature: By stoppages of the bike, a message pops up on the GARMIN-screen: "External power supply lost". This message does not disappear, when you start riding again! The message only disappears when you push the "QUIT"-button!  In the city traffic it is a nuisance, when you have to push the button at every intersection stop!  
          For that reason I use a cache battery for the E-WERK.
  • 11 years 11 months ago
    End of the second life of the couch!
    Ouch! Judging from the photos you were luckier than the couch!
    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      11 years 11 months ago
      Oh, my skeleton had more broken places than the couch:
      2 breaks of the pelvic bone,
      3 broken lumbar vertebrae,
      1 broken cervical vertebra. 
      But properly, dear Gypsy, ...I am luckier than the couch. The damages of my skeleton will heal again!  :-))
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    12 years 1 month ago
    Spoke clips
    Sind die Clips "handgeschnitzt"?
  • Carolynd411 (Private)
    12 years 5 months ago
    Second life of the couch
    WOWWW!  Umm ummmm!  I've been suffering withdrawal symtoms the last few days and couldn't figure out the reason. It wasn't from cigarettes, Coke, my favorite Carrot Cake Muffins, or my favorite Homes & Gardens TV show--It was due to not seeing my Favorite World Biker! I still think, my dearest Manfred, you should produce a 12-month calendar of your best poses of Europe's Best Looking Biker. Or, at least have printed enough copies for your "Fan Club" followers--which, no doubt, would be a considerable number. This is a magnificent capture of you and your latest "couch" bike, as well as the background scenery! After suffering daily panic attacks the past several weeks--which last five/six hours--this is definitely the "eye candy" the doctor would recommend for alleviating the scary and stressful panic attacks. So far, it's working better than my medication and/or breathing exercises. Hope you're having a glorious weekend, my dearest Manfred!
    Luv ya bunches!
    Sweet Caroline
  • Okinew (Private)
    13 years ago
    Not repairable! :-(((
    What a strange breakage!
    It's similar to lacerated fibers.
    Tell something.
  • Carolynd411 (Private)
    14 years 2 months ago
    HighTec Headlamp
    Manfred, my dear--I'll bet you never realized your bike racing would bring you a harem in your mid-life. LOL! As lovely Lara stated--"it is very interesting!!!" You've developed quite a following so far. Once we all see you on your racing couch, life could become even more interesting. You are one of a kind. Whatever will you do next?

    Luv ya bunches!
    Sweet Caroline
  • Carolynd411 (Private)
    14 years 2 months ago
    The couch is still a little bit snappish and unwilling!

    "The Man on His Riding Couch"--Once again, I've enjoyed another of your fascinating and amusing photo albums. Watching you assemble this intriguing machine and reading the oftentimes funny comments from your friends made a rather dull topic quite informative. I dare say, you like to be different; and I'd say you've accomplished this many times over. Any time you can take a ho-hum project and turn it into an amusing one helps to make the chore more fun; and you manage to complete it with a lot less stress. As always, I've enjoyed the chit chat between you and your friends; and I've gotten to understand some of your European expressions a little better. Thank you, my dearest Manfred, for another evening of unique photos, an unusual assembly of your "riding couch", and all-around night of fun and amusement. You are just what the doctor ordered to help get me out of my day of sadness, loneliness, and depression.
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