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Brüssel-Paris-Brüssel - 2014 (Belgium, France)

Lange afstand fietstocht BRM 600 km "Brussel-Parijs-Brussel"
• Startort/location: Groot-Bijgaarden, Brussel, Belgien | • Startzeit/date: 7:00, 19.07.2014

"Brüssel-Paris-Brüssel" ist ein Radmarathon über eine Streckenlänge von 600 km, der von Lierse B.C. Randonneurs Vlaanderen als Brevet veranstaltet wird. Organisator ist Frank Steenput. Die Route verläuft von der belgischen Hauptstadt Brüssel zur französischen Hauptstadt Paris und wieder zurück.

"Brussels-Paris-Brussels" is a cycling marathon with a route length of 600 kms, which is hosted by Lierse B.C. Randonneurs Vlaanderen as Brevet. Organizer is Frank Steenput. The route runs from the Belgian capital Brussels to the French capital Paris and back again.

  • Mankovskay (Private)
    10 years ago
    Château de Pierrefonds
    Excellent image, Manfred! Have a very nice weekend!!!
  • Елена Premium user Russia (Private)
    10 years ago
    Finish! :-)
    Congratulations on the victory in such a hot and high-altitude marathon! 
    I wish you a good continuation and progress towards the culmination of the season!
    • Manfred Premium user Germany (Private)
      10 years ago
      Thanks, dear Lena!
      On Saturday during the heat I was very slow. Climbng the hills was hard. When then still broke the chain idle-gear-wheel of the couch, I thought that I had to resign. Hence, I am glad gigantically, that still I could finish the marathon successfully!
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